Data, information and research

Data, information and research is key to understanding health services and identifying areas for improvement. Without reliable, up-to-date data on activity, outcomes and spending, health and care services cannot be effectively monitored and held to account.

Unfortunately, for a long time there was no central data resource for neurology services and no regular engagement with patients to assess their views and experiences. The Neurological Alliance is currently pursuing two main programmes of work to fill this gap:

  • Working with the Neurology Intelligence Network on the publication and analysis of the latest available NHS neurology data: for more information, see here
  • Producing our own patient survey data and commissioning audit data, most recently published in January 2015. For more information, see here

We welcome the publication in April 2016 of new neurology focus packs produced by NHS England’s and Public Health England’s Rightcare team. Each CCG will receive its own individual focus pack with detailed information on neurology spend and activity, including breakdowns of spending on elective and non-elective admissions, and a range of condition-specific information on admissions rates. This data also contributes to an ‘opportunity table’ which identifies the best opportunities for improving value and outcomes locally, using comparable CCGs as a point of reference.

These packs are a great opportunity for CCGs to focus on delivering the biggest improvements in health outcomes and value of services for people living with neurological conditions. It is vital that commissioners take advantage of this opportunity to drive improvements in neurology services. For more information and links to the data packs, please see the Commissioning for Value website. To access the packs, follow the links to the different commissioning regions.

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