Neurology and primary care
Based on polling of 1,001 GPs across the UK, as well as an expert roundtable with health professionals and patient representatives, this report examines the primary care pathway for people living with neurological conditions. It shows that GPs are not confident in the quality of the primary care pathway for neurology patients, or in the capacity of the services and systems currently in place to manage them.


The Invisible Patients: Revealing the state of neurology services
Drawing on a survey of 7,000 patients and a Freedom of Information audit of every clinical commissioning group, this report examines patients’ experience of the current state of neurology services and the state of local commissioning of neurology.


Is localism working for people with neurological conditions?
Examining the status of neurology within the localised commissioning system created by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Neurological Alliance Manifesto 2015
A concise manifesto setting out three key policy priorities for neurology.

Neuro Numbers
A collection of data and statistics on neurological conditions, including prevalence by condition and data on NHS spending and hospital admissions.

Measuring Up
This report makes the case for improving the quality of neurological data and intelligence, and sets out a roadmap for doing so.

Going the Distance
Examining neurology’s under-representation in the NHS incentive and accountability architecture, with recommendations for the inclusion of neurology indicators.


Navigating neurology services
Examining how to maximise the potential of newly-established Strategic Clinical Networks for neurology.


Thinking ahead: the case for a Strategic Clinical Network for Neurology
This report makes the case for the creation of Strategic Clinical Networks focusing on neurological conditions.

Stronger Together: the work of Regional Neurological Alliances
Reporting on the activities and priorities of the Regional Neurological Alliances.

Intelligent Outcomes
This report examines how to apply the 2012 health and social care reforms to improve outcomes for people with neurological conditions.

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