Regional groups

Regional groups provide a united voice and authoritative single point of contact for primary care trust and local authority commissioners. They also provide support and information for patients and their carers. They all work in partnership with commissioning bodies to ensure the service user voice is heard in the design, delivery and monitoring of local services. Regional groups aim to raise the profile and understanding of neurological conditions and work together to improve the quality of local services.

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The Black Country Neurological Alliance

The Black Country Neurological Alliance is a new umbrella organisation that is led by people who are affected both directly and indirectly by a neurological condition. The Alliance aims to bring to its clients closer to services available from both statutory and voluntary bodies within the region. They cover Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton

Cumbria Neurological Alliance

The Cumbria Neurological Alliance is a new Alliance formed in November 2013 to bring together all the charities, organisations and individuals with an interest in neurological diseases and services in Cumbria.

Gloucestershire Neurological Alliance

Gloucestershire Neurological Alliance is a campaigning group, whose purpose is to inform and influence policy makers to deliver the highest standards of service and care. They provide a single, authoritative voice to the Gloucestershire NHS Clinical Comissioning Group and to Gloucestershire Adult Social Services, expressing the common service user needs identified by the neurological charities.

Hampshire Neurological Alliance

The Hampshire Neurological Alliance covers Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight. It is the local voice for people with neurological conditions and their family and carers, in the alliance area. By working together they aim to campaign to improve quality outcomes, quality of care, quality of life; provide information about conditions, services and our alliance; and provide support, peer support, advice and advocacy.

Lancashire and South Cumbria Neurological Alliance


Lincolnshire Neurological Alliance

The Lincolnshire Neurological Alliance brings together all neurological support groups in Lincolnshire. They liaise with other neurological support groups throughout the UK and work together to improve the quality of life of all those living with a neurological condition.

Merseyside and Cheshire Neurological Alliance

c/o The Brain Charity

Northern Neurological Alliance

The Northern Neurological Alliance works with a range of brain and spine charities, networks and forums to campaign locally and nationally for better services for people with neurological conditions. There aim is to help people have a say in how they live, to help them find and make changes to the services that can help them live well.

South West Alliance of Neurological Organisations

South West Alliance of Neurological Organisations exists to provide basic information about the most common neurological conditions in the South West, to give a brief overview of the needs of people affected by these conditions and to provide information about neurological charities working in the NHS South West area.

Staffordshire Neurological Alliance

The aim of the Staffordshire Neurological Alliance is the relief of people in Staffordshire receiving or who have received treatment for a neurological condition and their families and carers. They also seek to advance the education of the public in all matters concerning neurological conditions.

Swindon and Wiltshire Neurological Alliance

The Swindon and Wiltshire Neurological Alliance aims to influence and inform commissioners and providers of neurological services in Swindon and Wiltshire; raise awareness and profiles of all neurological conditions to improve understanding amongst the general public, service commissioners and health and social care professionals; work closely with the national Neurological Alliance, local organisations and local branches of national organisations in an integrated way to maximise outcomes and minimise duplication of activity; and to reach out as a partnership in a proactive manner to those who find it difficult to access existing services and support groups.

Neuro Key (formerly Tees Valley, Durham & North Yorkshire Neurological Alliance)

Neuro Key is the new working name for the Tees Valley, Durham & North Yorkshire Neurological Alliance in response to stakeholders wanting a name that promoted action not geography.

The Neuro Key delivers an Advocacy, information and signposting service. They work collaboratively with local NHS organisations, charities, networks and forums to campaign on issues raised by people living with neurological conditions. Neuro Key were short-listed for 2 awards in 2016 and the Neuro Information Passport was cited as a service improvement tool in action. With a strong working relationship with both Durham and Teesside Universities, the charity manages 2 multi-neuro, service user and caregiver reference groups to offer participants in educational seminars, research, strategic reviews and consultations and underpin the Tees-wide Neuro Forum. Neuro Key enables people living with neurological conditions to access peer support, problem solve and improve self-management of their condition to reduce isolation and build resilience.

West Berkshire Neurological Alliance

WBNA logo

The West Berkshire Neurological Alliance is association of people and voluntary organisations with an interest in people with a neurological condition, based in and around Berkshire West.

West London Neurological Alliance


Yorkshire & Humberside Association of Neurological Organisations

The Yorkshire & Humberside Association of Neurological Organisations (YHANO) is a collaborative group representing neurological 3rd Sector organisations in Yorkshire & the Humber region. Membership is open to any employee of neurological 3rd Sector organisations in the Yorkshire & Humber Region whose roles include a remit to influence health & social care service provision.

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