26th October 2018

Systematic review of adult social care data

The Office for Statistics Regulation is currently undertaking a systematic review of the adult social care data. The purpose of this review is to understand what the needs are in terms of data in this area and make recommendations for the future.

Today The Neurological Alliance has writen a letter to the Office for Statistics Regulation outlining how better data on social care in relation to people with neurological conditions could support service improvement.

In the letter we have stressed that the social care data available at present provides virtually no insight into the use of social care by people with neurological conditions as adult
social services are defined by disability and need rather than condition, and the existing social care surveys do
not record the conditions that an individual may have.

We suggest that simply adding a queston to existing social care surveys to record what long term condition(s) an individual has, would enable a much greater understanding of the use of social care by people with neurological conditions.

You can read more about the review here.

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