Our work in Parliament

Our Policy Manager is involved with the Joint Neuro APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) secretariat. Click here for the 2020 register.

Our Neuro Pledge 2019

At the time of the December 2019 General Election, we asked parliamentary candidates – the people who want to become MPs – to take the #NeuroPledge2019. It commits them to campaigning for improvements for people with neurological conditions, if they become an MP.

We’ve worked with Epilepsy Action – one of our member organisations – in developing the pledge. It draws on the findings of our patient experience survey about the services and supports that still aren’t good enough, and make living with a neurological condition harder than it should be.

By signing up to the Neuro Pledge, parliamentary candidates will be showing commitment to raising awareness of neurological conditions. They will also be pledging to support campaigns for better health and welfare services. And we’ll hold them to these commitments if they get elected and become an MP.

Please support our pledge

To make sure the pledge reaches as many prospective MPs as possible, making the biggest difference possible, we need you!

Ask your parliamentary candidates to show their support for people with neurological conditions by taking the Neuro Pledge. You can do this by:

  1. Checking who your prospective MPs are,
  2. Then writing to them either using our pre-populated email content or via social media.

Our Neuro Pledge 2019 partner organisation Epilepsy Action have a webpage explaining how to do this, and containing all the links you’ll need.

Support the #NeuroPledge2019

Please note that while Epilepsy Action is hosting the Neuro Pledge 2019 signup content (due to their greater digital capabilities), the pledge itself is not condition specific – it is about making improvements for all people with neurological conditions.

Please promote our pledge

Once you’ve supported the Neuro Pledge 2019, please let everyone know about it! Tell your friends, family and colleagues. Encourage them to ask their parliamentary candidates to take the #NeuroPledge2019.

If you work for one of our member organisations, please make sure to use the various channels available to you to promote the pledge to your community.

Please also consider supporting our petition for better social care.

Why do we need parliamentary candidates to take the Neuro Pledge?

Too many people with neurological conditions do not have their needs met by the current health and care system. Millions of people with neurological conditions are not being prioritised. Many experience long delays in getting a diagnosis, poor mental health care and inadequate welfare support.

This needs to change.

Neurological conditions are conditions of the brain, spine, and nervous systems. They include conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis, among many others. Many are life-long and life limiting. Over 12 million people in England live with a neurological condition. That’s around 1 in every 6 people.

More needs to be done to improve services and support for people affected by neurological conditions.

To understand some of the specific challenges facing people with neurological conditions, please see the results of our 2018/19 patient experience survey.

Other general election campaigns we’re supporting

Care and Support Alliance #GetSocialCareDone Manifesto

Our patient experience survey 2018/19 showed that far too many people (38%) report that their social care needs are not being met at all. So we’re supporting the Care and Support Alliance’s general election calls for reform and funding for social care, now.

National Voices #MoreToHealth VCSE collective statement

We have joined National Voices’ collective statement on the need to broaden the debate on health and also recognise the importance of communities. Health is about physical and mental health and wellbeing – across the life-course, including at the end of life. So, more of a focus on local communities, public health, social care, and joined-up approaches is needed, alongside the overwhelmed and under-resourced elements of the health and care system being addressed.

Disability Benefits Consortium

Our patient experience survey 2018/19 showed that almost half of respondents (43%) felt that their financial needs were not being met as a direct result of living with a neurological condition. We’re supporting the Disability Benefits Consortium’s calls for reform of the welfare system so that it takes a more personal and tailored approach. The welfare system must provide better financial support to people with all conditions so they can live truly independent lives.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Manifesto for community rehabilitation

We have joined forces with the CSP and 20 other national charities, unions and professional bodies to jointly call on all political parties to make a commitment to community rehabilitation in their manifestos. We know that far too many people with neurological conditions aren’t getting the rehabilitation they need, meaning their health and wellbeing is not being optimised. The CSP manifesto also calls for:

  • NHS England to be mandated to improve the quality and accessibility of community rehabilitation services
  • The NHS Constitution to make people’s existing rights to community rehabilitation clearer and more explicit.