Martha’s story – #BackThe1in6

Martha was in her 40s when she had routine surgery to treat a knee injury. Despite waking up and repeatedly saying the temporary cast on her leg was far too tight, by the time it was removed, it had caused peripheral nerve damage, a neurological condition. She was discharged from hospital with no treatment and has lived with constant pain ever since.  

Martha explains why she is supporting the #BackThe1in6 campaign and calling on governments across the UK to and set up a Neuro Taskforce to deliver real change for everyone living with a neurological condition.

My neurological condition has affected my whole life

The injury to my peripheral nerves has affected my whole life. I had to retire in my 40s because of the pain and I lost my income. It’s affected my pension, it’s affected everything. I had the surgery in 1992 – it’s been 30 years and the pain is still indescribable. It’s like standing on shards of glass, constantly. If I’m sitting in a vehicle, even the vibrations are enough to cause extreme pain. It’s an icy cold shooting sensation through the leg. I spend the whole day in agony. 

We need ongoing care

When you have to live with a neurological condition that affects every part of life, many people, including me, need ongoing care from a variety of specialists. I have had some really good care from the National Orthopaedic Hospital, but there is currently very little communication between departments. I am suffering. 

The pain clinic, the orthopaedic clinic and neurology specialists all need to be involved in my care but don’t communicate with each other or share information well.


We need a strong voice because nobody is listening

We need a strong voice because nobody is listening to us – there needs to be much greater communication between departments and much greater understanding of neurological conditions, not only the pain they can cause but the physical and mental impact they can have on your life. I want to speak out on behalf of everyone living with a neurological condition who is not being listened to – the more people who speak out the more we have a chance of creating real change and improving services for people with neurological conditions.

#BackThe1in 6 for Martha

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