Working together

to improve neuro services

Welcome to The Neurological Alliance

Campaigning for change together.

We are a coalition of over 70 organisations working together to transform quality of life for people with neurological conditions.

Neurological conditions, like cerebral palsy, stroke, dementia and epilepsy, can affect every part of your life, from eating and sleeping to working and playing.

When you have a neurological condition, the quality of care and support available can vary, and it can take a long time to get a diagnosis and access to the right treatment, care and support.

Do you have a neurological condition?

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The right care and support at the right time matters.

Together we campaign to ensure people affected by neurological conditions can access high quality, joined up care and support to meet their individual needs, at every stage of their life.

We amplify the voice of the neurological community.

We gather evidence and make the case for improving services for people with neurological conditions.

We work with policymakers and health leaders to push for real change.

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