Our mission

To harness the energy and passion of the neurological community to ensure public policy in health reflects the realities of living with a neurological condition, so that everyone can access treatment, care and support whenever they need it.

Who we are

We’re The Neurological Alliance, England’s leading coalition of organisations and professional bodies supporting people with neurological conditions – over 90 organisations working together to ensure that every person affected by a neurological condition can access the right treatment, care and support at the right time.

We work with The Scottish Neurological Alliance, The Wales Neurological Alliance and the Northern Ireland Neurological Charities Alliance to collect, analyse and share the evidence needed to create real change throughout the UK and improve services for everyone living with a neurological condition. 

Our vision

Every person affected by a neurological condition can access the right treatment, care and support at the right time.

Our goals

1.Public policy and practice reflects and supports the realities of living with a neurological condition.

2.People affected by neurological conditions and our member organisations are heard and have influence.

3.We are a strong, diverse organisation that delivers change.

Our values

Bold: We will not hesitate to speak truth to power, rooted in the experiences of people with neurological conditions.

United: We unleash the power of our collective community.

Inclusive: We listen to and celebrate the diversity of the neurological community. We work with anyone who shares our vision.

Leading: We are the voice on issues relating to access and experience of healthcare for people with neurological conditions.

·Expert: We deliver evidence that changes minds and policy.

Our promises

If you have a neurological condition or care for someone who does

As a person affected by a neurological condition, your experiences and hopes for the future are central to everything we do. You will directly shape our work, be it sharing your story with us, speaking with the media, being part of our coproduction work or sharing your experiences in My Neuro Survey.

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If you are a professional body, not-for-profit, charity or support group

As a member organisation, associate or affiliate, you can share experiences and connect with peers through our networks. You will draw on our policy expertise and high-quality evidence to support your community and campaign for change in the areas that matter most to you.

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If you are a healthcare professional

As a healthcare professional, you will work with us to grow the neuroscience workforce and accurately reflect experiences of care. We provide the evidence you need to make the case for improvements to staffing and services nationally and in your area.

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If you are a policymaker

As policymakers, we will work with you to make sure your policies support people affected by neurological conditions to live independently, and challenge you when policy falls short of achieving this.  We will provide the high quality data you need to make strong evidence-based decisions.

We are together for the 1 in 6

We are together for the one in six people – adults and children –in the UK who live with a neurological condition. Together we are a strong voice for change. Together we will ensure every person affected by a neurological condition can access the right treatment, care and support at the right time.

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