NeuroFest 2020 Opening Debate

Our NeuroFest took place from 11th – 18th November 2020 and allowed participants to discuss key topics and to hear from experts, including people living with neurological conditions.

Our first session on 11th November was a debate about remote vs in person outpatient appointments considering the motion

“This House believes 80% of neurology outpatient appointments could be delivered by phone or videoconference”.


In favour of the motion

Dr Jon Sussman

Dr Jon Sussman, honorary secretary of the Association of British Neurologists (ABN) speaking in favour of the motion Click here

E;izabeth Manuel

Elizabeth Manuel former barrister and judge and advocate for rehab for those recovering from brain haemorrhage and stroke, speaking in  favour of the motion Click here

Against the motion

Dr Richard J Davenport, Consultant Neurologist, ABN Meetings Secretary, speaking against the motion. Click here

Sarah Joiner

Sarah Joiner Vice-Chair of MS Trust and advocate for all those living with MS, speaking against the motion. Click here

Summary by the facilitator David Martin

Outcomes and Next Steps

The Neurological Alliance will continue to gather evidence and examples of best practice and will work with NHS England  and NHS Improvement as they focus on remote consultations as part of their outpatient transformation programme. This will include the development of a short policy briefing on the issue in 2021, as well as understanding people’s experience of remote consults in greater detail as part of our fourth Patient Experience Survey.