Current work

Our research highlights a number of issues in relation to care for people with neurological conditions:


  • There are significant delays in referral to specialists and diagnosis of a neurological condition
  • Communication between people with neurological conditions and the people providing care is poor
  • Information is not routinely provided to people with neurological conditions by professionals
  • Care for people with neurological conditions is not joined up
  • There are geographical variations in access to services and quality of services


There are several reasons for poor neurology care including:


  • Commissioners (those planning and paying for services) are disengaged from neurology
  • There is a lack of clarity in the responsibilities of local and national commissioners in relation to neurological service provision
  • There are few incentives and accountability mechanisms relating to neurology in the health service
  • Nationally collected neurology data is poor
  • Neurology is not a stated priority for the NHS


Our work aims to address the causes of poor care. In this section you can find out more about our current work.



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