NeuroFest November 2020: Campaigning for Neuro As Part Of NHS Reset

Our NeuroFest took place from 11th – 18th November 2020 and allowed participants to discuss key topics and to hear from experts, including people living with neurological conditions.

For this final session of NeuroFest we considered how best to ensure neuro gets its fair share as part of the NHS reset and restart of services. 


Chair – David Martin, Vice-Chair Neurological Alliance

Hannah Verghese, Programme Manager NNAG

Georgina Carr, CEO The Neurological Alliance

Adrian Williams, Chair NNAG and and the NHSE/I neuroscience CRG

Presentation Slides

20201117 Campaigning for neuro as part of NHS reset

Outcomes and Next Steps

It was clear from the meeting that we, as a neuro community, need to consider our campaigning strategy in more detail. In particular, we need to consider how we engage with emerging commissioning structures for neurological services, how we can develop the best evidence possible to help lobby for change as a sector, as well as the role of the Alliance in ensuring we have the strongest collective voice possible.

We will therefore be undertaking a series of discussions with members in the new year about our collective influencing strategy, and building this into Alliance business plans for 2021-22.