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“Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain”: national media boost for neurological conditions


The Neurological Alliance has worked with ITN Business as part of their new news-style programme called “Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain”. 

The programme, produced by ITN Business in partnership with Alliance member organisation The Brain Charity, highlights the positive efforts being made to support people living with neurological conditions and their loved ones. 

Neurological Alliance CEO Georgina Carr was interviewed in the programme. The Alliance is involved to raise awareness of neurological conditions and the ‘Back the 1 in 6’ campaign, which calls for much needed improvements to care and services for the 1 in 6 people who live with one or more neurological conditions in the UK.

The programme features Barrie, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s more than 19 years ago. Barrie also has close connections to other neurological conditions. Barrie is keen to improve the understanding of neurological conditions among healthcare professionals, and encourage access to a multidisciplinary team for everyone living with a condition. 

Barrie Smith, who has Parkinson’s (right) and Neurological Alliance Chief Executive Georgina Carr (left) in discussion in Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain.

The programme also includes sponsored editorial profiles from the following organisations:

  • Alliance member The Brain Charity, who champion neuro diversity and help anyone affected by neurological condition. The Brain Charity’s CEO, Pippa Sargent, discusses the work of The Brain Charity and explains why it is so important to support people with neurological conditions. This exclusive interview also shines a spotlight on neurodiversity and why is it important to reframe thinking about neurodiversity and champion individuals who are neurodivergent.
  • Alliance member PSPA who support people affected by PSP and CBD. demonstrates its support for people living with these conditions and discusses its work to
    raise awareness in the medical community and beyond.
  • Alliance member FND Hope and their mission to promote awareness, support affected individuals, and advance research into the condition.
  • Pfizer and Alliance member The Migraine Trust who are demonstrating their commitment to help improve the lives of people with migraines by raising awareness of the impact of the condition on individuals and society and supporting research and education.
  • Idorsia – Idorsia Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd – share their work with a variety of partners that are raising awareness of chronic insomnia and the adverse impacts for those affected and the economy.

Changing public perception of neurological conditions

Georgina Carr, CEO of The Neurological Alliance, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring greater attention to the realities of living with a neurological condition through the programme and the ‘Back the 1 in 6’ campaign. We are particularly thankful to Barrie for sharing his experiences.

“At least one in six people in England live with a neurological condition – that’s any condition that affects the brain, spinal cord or nervous system. Our UK-wide survey, My Neuro Survey, identified significant gaps in the support people receive. We are calling for a Neuro Taskforce to address this at the highest levels of government and improve services. More than 19,000 people and 100 organisations have already backed this call for change. Now we just need that response from government to confirm they’ll go ahead and do it, and show they are really listening to the one in six people living with a neurological condition.”  

Watch the programme Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain from 10 January December on ITN Hub:

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Notes for editors  

The Neurological Alliance is a coalition of over 100 organisations working together to improve services for the 1 in 6 people who live with a neurological condition and their families and loved ones. Its vision is for every person affected by a neurological condition to access the right treatment, care and support at the right time. 

It defines a neurological condition as any condition that affects the brain, spinal cord and/or nerves. Because these systems control your mind and body, neurological conditions can affect the way you think and feel and interact with the world. 

There are over 600 neurological conditions, including dementia, ataxia, migraine, epilepsy, Tourette’s syndrome, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and cerebral palsy. 

If you need support, Neurological Alliance member organisations may be able to help.  Visit to find out more.