Pen on paper, with an emphatic signature.

Alliance calls on new Health and Social Care Secretary for action to #BackThe1in6 


Together with over 35 member organisations, The Neurological Alliance has written to the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Victoria Atkins, calling for action to improve services and support for the one in six of us with a neurological condition. 

No official response to petition supported by almost 20,000 people 

The letter, available in full here, reiterates calls for the establishment of a Neuro Taskforce to tackle key challenges facing our community including a lack of mental health and wellbeing support, delays to treatment and care and insufficient information provided at the point of diagnosis.  

Calls for a Neuro Taskforce were formally submitted to the Department for Health and Social Care through a petition in June 2023. Despite the petition being supported by more than 19,000 people and over 100 organisations, the letter notes that an official response from the government has not yet been received. 

The letter reaffirms the Alliance’s commitment to work with the new Ministerial team and build on progress that has been made with officials in the Department and Downing Street on proposals for a Neuro Taskforce.  

Alongside calls for an official petition response, the letter also requests a meeting with Ministers to discuss opportunities to collaborate on improving services, support and outcomes for people affected by neurological conditions. 

A critical time for services and people affected by neurological conditions 

The letter highlights therapeutic advances, including in conditions for which there are currently a lack of treatment options, with the potential to revolutionise quality of life in the future.  

However, the letter also notes that access to support and treatment that could benefit many people affected by neurological conditions right now is being hampered by workforce pressures, limited strategic prioritisation of services for people affected by neurological conditions by policymakers and politicians, and poor coordination of service provision. 

The letter calls for action to optimise existing care and prepare services to deliver future successes in research. Such action could dramatically improve quality of life for millions across the country, as well as deliver savings for the health service and boost the economy. 

Government reshuffle  

The recent Government reshuffle saw Victoria Atkins appointed as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, replacing Steve Barclay. Other changes in the Department saw Andrew Stephenson replace Will Quince as Minister of State and Dame Andrea Leadsom take on the role of Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, previously held by Neil O’Brien.