A group of people discussing mental health. The man in the centre has a serious expression while the others look supportive.

Improving mental health: join us in responding to the Government’s call for evidence


We welcome the Government’s call for evidence to develop a 10 year plan to improve mental health for everyone across the UK. Help make sure the neurological community is represented and join us in submitting a response.

We know that living with a neurological condition, or caring for someone who does, can affect every part of life, including mental and physical health and how you think, feel and act. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this worse.

In December 2021, 32% of respondents to NeuroLifeNow (an ongoing survey of people with neurological conditions carried out by the Alliance and the Brain and Spine Foundation) said their mental health needs weren’t being met or were being met to a small extent. 64% reported feelings of anxiety and/or hopelessness.

We believe people affected by neurological conditions should be represented in all areas of national strategy and have the opportunity to shape policies and services that can affect their lives.

To help represent the collective voice of the neurological community and shape mental health services, we will be preparing a response to this call for evidence over the next 12 weeks. 

The call for evidence is open to everyone: the public, those with lived experience of mental ill-health, and health and care professionals.

We also encourage our member charities and individuals affected by neurological conditions to submit their own responses. The more people who take part, the stronger our voice will be.

You can submit responses directly to the Government’s consultation through this online survey. Or by writing to the address given here.

And to be part of the Alliance’s response get in touch and tell us what you would like to be included by emailing info@neural.org.uk before 15th June 2022

The consultation closes on 5 July 2022.