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Neurological Alliance launches #NeuroChampion campaign ahead of UK 2024 General Election


As the UK prepares for the upcoming General Election on 4 July 2024, The Neurological Alliance and our members are launching a pivotal campaign to call on future MPs to use their voice to improve treatment, care, support and research for people affected by neurological conditions.

Parliamentary support has never been more needed

The #NeuroChampion campaign argues that support from future MPs has never been more crucial. Neurological conditions are the leading cause of disability worldwide and affect 17,000 people on average in a UK Parliamentary constituency.  

Access to the right care, treatment and support is critical – the right care at the right time means people can stay healthy and live well for longer, whether this means being able to complete day-to-day tasks, being able to socialise, or staying in education and work. But in My Neuro Survey 20% of adults affected by neurological conditions reported waiting more than a year from seeing a GP to seeing a neurologist.

The campaign also argues that ensuring people with a neurological condition access the right treatment, care and support at the right time could save the UK economy £30 billion a year and improve millions of lives.

The #NeuroChampion campaign is supported by Neurological Alliances of Scotland and Wales and the Northern Ireland Neurological Charities Alliance,

Take part

The #NeuroChampion campaign aims to gather public support and influence prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) to commit to using their voice to improve treatment, care and research now and in the future.

The Neurological Alliance encourages everyone to participate in the campaign by contacting their local parliamentary candidates through the campaign’s e-action. This easy-to-use tool allows people to write to prospective parliamentary candidates in their area and invite them to pledge their support as a #NeuroChampion.

As Neuro Champions prospective parliamentary candidates are asked to pledge their support for the neurological community and use their voice and influence to improve treatment, care and support for millions of people in the UK who live with a neurological condition.

Georgina Carr, Chief Executive of The Neurological Alliance, said:

“Neurological conditions can affect anyone at any time. 1 in 6 people in the UK live with one or more neurological condition. But there simply aren’t the workforce or services to provide the support they need. This must change, for everyone. With your support, future MPs and the next government have the power to achieve this. Please join the neuro champion campaign and write to your parliamentary candidates now. Together, we are a strong voice for change.”

Take action now

To take part in the campaign, please visit the #NeuroChampion website and follow the instructions to send a message to your local candidates.

Pledge support

If you are a prospective parliamentary candidate, you can find out more about becoming a a #NeuroChampion and pledge your support now.