#PicsForThe1in6: terms and conditions

By sending in your photo to be part of the #PicsForThe1in6 community portrait, you agree that these terms and conditions have been met:

  1. The person submitting the photograph must be aged 18 or over. You must have the consent of any people featured, or the consent of their parent or guardian if they are under 18.
  2. Photographs will be selected for this piece of art but there is no guarantee that every photo will be used. A selection of the submitted photographs will be featured as part of the #BackThe1in6 community portrait (#PicsForThe1in6).
  3. The Neurological Alliance will not use your picture for any purposes other than as part of the #BackThe1in6 community portrait (#PicsForThe1in6).
  4. You give us permission to use the photograph you upload. If your photograph is selected, your photograph will be used as part of the portrait and the portrait may be displayed online or on social media. Only submit photographs that you are happy to have used in this way. The imagery may be in place for a long time so only submit photographs you are happy to be in place for a long period of time.
  5. Inappropriate images and those that show people’s faces from a large public gathering will not be considered and will be deleted.
  6. The information you provide will be used to administer the #BackThe1in6 campaign (including #PicsForThe1in6), produce the artwork and contact you about the portrait and campaign. Your data will not be used in any other way.
  7. Your image only will be passed onto designer Phoebe Bruce (8 Crossways, Mancot, Flintshire, CH5 2AN) to create the design.
  8. If you submit an image and later wish to change your mind and withdraw your consent for the image to be used, you must notify The Neurological Alliance in writing by email to info@neural.org.uk no later than midnight on 12 May 2023. The image and any associated content will be destroyed, and we will confirm this to you before 22 May 2023.
  9. We will keep your personal information secure and will process it in accordance with all applicable data protection legislation, including our own privacy policy.
  10. For further information about how we handle your personal data (including your image), please see our privacy policy.
  11. The #BackThe1in6 campaign and #PicsForThe1in6 is run by The Neurological Alliance (England): Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England 2939840 Registered charity 1039034.
  12. Any queries related to the #BackThe1in6 campaign and the community portrait (#PicsForThe1in6) should be directed to The Neurological Alliance by emailing info@neural.org.uk or calling 01923 882 590.

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