Why is The Neurological Alliance needed?

People with neurological conditions need and deserve better care and support.

Before The Neurological Alliance was formed in 1994, there was no national voice for neurology as a whole and no-one campaigning to end its ‘Cinderella’ profile. Today, we are a powerful campaigning coalition of 80 organisations working together to transform outcomes for an estimated 10 million people with neurological conditions in England.

10 million is a big number. It outstrips the 4.6 million people in the UK living with diabetes, and 2.5 million people living with cancer. 10 million is the sort of number that should make decision makers listen, and act.

Yet neurology is starting from a low baseline after years of neglect. We know that people with neurological conditions still struggle to access the care they need and deserve. At the Neurological Alliance we make connections across issues in specific disease areas, then facilitate members to come together to have a louder and stronger voice in achieving change. Together we can transform outcomes for everyone with a neurological condition.

In this section you can read more about our current membersmembership types and subscriptions and how to join.