Membership benefits

There are many benefits of being a member of The Neurological Alliance:

  • Hearing the very latest updates on policy developments through our member-only newsletters, webinars and meetings
  • Having the opportunity to influence public policy through attending meetings with policy makers and contributing to consultations.
  • Receiving a detailed report on findings of the patient experience survey for the condition(s) your organisation represents
  • Strengthening the voice of the people you represent and stretching your own resources further through working on shared issues such as mental health, rare disease, rehabilitation, early diagnosis, and access to specialists
  • Promoting your events, publications and news through our newsletter, website, social media and policy networks.
  • Networking with your neuro chief executive and policy peers through member meetings and subgroups

Senior managers from full or affiliate member organisations can also stand as a Trustee and shape the strategic direction of the Neurological Alliance.

“During these challenging times, the Neurological Alliance continues to demonstrate their vital role in bringing together the neuro community and amplifying our collective voice. While times are tough for many organisations, the people we support need us more than ever and together we’re stronger.”

Sam Mountney, Chief Executive, Senior policy & campaigns officer, Epilepsy Action

“Like many members of The Neurological Alliance, my organisation is small. We are dedicated to helping people with a rare neurological condition but without The Alliance would struggle to have a voice in the policy process. The Alliance make it easy for me to ensure the views of the people I represent are included in policy making.”

Caroline Morrice, Chief Executive, Guillain-Barré & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies (GAIN)

“People with neurological conditions have been massively affected during the pandemic. The Alliance acted quickly to bring the neuro community together to take action, from gathering data on the impact on patients, to speaking out on the need to resume services safely. The hard work of the Alliance team and their galvanising force has meant we’ve had much more impact than we would have alone, at a time when our separate voices and issues could have meant we were drowned out, together we’ve amplified them”

Fredi Cavander-Attwood, Policy Manager for Health and Care, MS Society

“Sue Ryder is a national Health and Social Care charity that specialises in the care and support of people with a variety of progressive neurological conditions and those with acquired brain injury. The work at the Alliance helps us have a stronger voice on policy issues than we would have independently. The views of our clients can be fed back and they can actively contribute to the issues that concern them through the Alliance. Working collectively offers an invaluable source of knowledge and support. “

Pamela McKenzie, Director of Neurological Services and Scotland, Sue Ryder Care